Chess the Beast, WIN 100$ Muscle-Olymp-Cupon

 44,46 inc. VAT

Challenge ME in a real chess battle and double your stake!

You always wanted to know if you can defeat the beast in a real Chess battle?

Dare and challenge me!

By buying the product you will acquire the right to do one Real Chess battle against me, the BEAST!

Rules: If you win you double your stake and get a 100$ coupon code for the store! If you lose you will get 20$ as a consolation prize. (Not possible to be paid out or traded.) Max time per move will be set to 3 days in the app!

1. Simply install the App on your Smartphone or Tablet.

(Link for Android:

(Link for Apple:

2. Start “New Game” 3. Click “Play with against a Friend” 4. Click “Search for a Friend” 5. Enter my Username
(you will receive my username and further information in the PDF after completing your order, remember the mail address you used to complete your order and your order number)

I am waiting for you!


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